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Over 2 million square yards performed annually!!!

Milling Services

Cold milling is the controlled removal of asphalt pavement to a desired depth in order to restore a pavement surface to a desired grade and slope.  


Most of our milling square yardage is for surface removal of asphalt from 2” to 5”  deep, however; we have the capability of milling 8” deep in one pass.  In addition, we offer the specialized services listed to the right.


Utilizing our smaller milling equipment, we are able to remove small pavement areas efficiently


With our mills, we are able to cut narrow trenches in asphalt pavements for items such as edge repairs

Trench Milling

Using a milling drum with more teeth and a tighter spacing to plane asphalt.  We are able to remove pavement depths or 1” or less

Micro Milling

Our Specialized Services

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We perform profiling